We’re All Tee’d Up For A Great Mets Season In 2011

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Last week I told you I was working on some new designs for our MMO T-Shirt Shop, and here they are!

I decided to completely re-design the old “Retired Numbers” design and I based the new t-shirts on one of my newest Mets graphics, check it out:

That’s the bumper sticker I designed (all by hand, thank you very much), then I clipped it, made a hi-res gfx, and dropped it onto these babies! 


New “Retired Numbers” Series

As you can see I added “Shea” to it, and by the way, you can get them in over a dozen other colors including black, khaki, tan, and several others.

It’s a great way to celebrate Citi Field while keeping the memory of the grand old Shea Stadium alive and well in our hearts.

Buy one for yourself and get one for a friend or loved one too, and in the process $4.00 will go toward supporting our site’s expenses. So you’ll be helping us out too! :-)

Lets Go Mets!

P.S. Even more cool stuff is coming later today, especially for all you mommas and soon to be mommas!

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