It’s No Joke, It’s Really Opening Day Mets Fans!

An article by posted on April 1, 2011

The calendar might say today is April Fools Day, but for me it feels more like Christmas Eve, New Years Day and Fourth of July all rolled into one!

It’s Opening Day Mets Fans!!!

I always get so happy around this time of the year and combining my passion for art with my passion for the Mets is one way I like to show off my pride in the Mets. I love see other Mets fans using my graphics to show of their Mets pride too. Hey, we’re the greatest baseball fans in the world and don’t ever let anyone tell you different!

Check out some really cool stuff I’ve been working on!

You already saw most of my Opening Day Graphics this past week, but I had to add one more to complete my series and I went with Frankie Rodriguez! You didn’t think I’d leave K-Rod out, especially when he’s been pitching lights out all spring!


Check out how insanely awesome Frankie’s numbers were this spring: 10.2 innings pitched, 6 hits, 4 walks, ZERO Runs Allowed and 13 Strikeouts!

That is 100% vintage K-Rod. I mean he’s got that whole Rocky Balboa - Eye of the Tiger - thing going on or something, the man is poised for a tremendous season in 2011.

Happy Opening Day Mets Fans!!!

I’ll have some more goodies posted in just a little while and I just think you’re going to love them! :-D

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