FanGraphs Ranks Mets 21st, Say Darkness Among Fans Is Justified

An article by posted on March 25, 2011

Eno Sarris of FanGraphs, posted his 2011 Organizational Rankings and ranked the Mets #21 out of 30 teams.

Quite honestly, I don’t agree one bit with his low estimation of the team and while I’m not saying the Mets should be in the top five, I certainly could make a case that the Mets could have ranked somewhere around 12-15.

The way they do it on FanGraphs is they break it up into Present Talent where the Mets were tied for 16th, and Future Talent where they ranked the Mets a lowly 26th despite pumping out several promising major league players last season alone in Josh Thole, Ike Davis and Jon Niese. Financial Resources (18th) and Baseball Operations (16th) were also considered, but I didn’t have as much of a problem there. 

Despite the gloomy forecast, he says there may be hope in the name of Sandy Alderson.

So maybe a lot of the darkness among Mets fans is justified. Even with some bounce-backs from the present veterans like Carlos Beltran and Jason Bay, and maybe a step forward here or there from Ike Davis and Jon Niese, it’s difficult to move a likely third place team much further up than 16th in present talent. Even if you like Wilmer Flores and Jenrry Mejia a little more than some, the Mets system is not stocked full of top-end talent. And now it’s become obvious that even though the Mets have money in some respects, they also have money problems. Maybe Alderson’s small-market skills will come in handy after all.

You can catch more of Eno Sarris at Amazin Avenue.

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