Enough Already with Oliver Perez

The title says it all, enough already with Oliver Perez and lets end the madness!

Oliver Perez struggled tremendously during his start against the Astros.  He gave up 3 runs, on 4 hits during his 3 innings of work.  With his latest struggle against the Astros, Terry Collins and Sandy Alderson are now giving Ollie one final chance to redeem himself, by pitching out of the bullpen. 

MetsBlog.com’s Matthew Cerrone reported earlier today that Ollie has been given one more chance in the bullpen after the meeting between Sandy Alderson, Dan Warthen, and Terry Collins.   If he fails to produce coming out of the bullpen, then its going to be a very  happy day for Mets fans, as they hear the 1 magic word they’ve been waiting for for two years.  Released. 

I am really getting sick of how the coaching staff is treating Oliver Perez.  I think that he has shown the Mets and Terry Collins that he cannot remain consistently effective, and cannot keep runs from being put on the scoreboard.  If the Mets are going to compete this year, they are going to need to get all the help they can get and it will be a team effort from all 25 players. Its plain and simple, he can’t help and the Mets are still unwilling to admit it yet. 

Enough with all the compliments about how he continues to improve and do some good things. What good things? Can Oliver Perez help the Mets, or not?  Has he show anything promising, or does he still stumble flat on his face more often than not?  We’ll have to wait and see how it plays out Mets fans.  This will be an interesting week.