Wright Likes Under The Radar Moves And Expects To Win

An article by posted on January 7, 2011

Here is a video of an interview David Wright did yesterday with a local TV News station in Norfolk Virgina. Wright is helping to raise money for a children’s hospital near his hometown.

Among the questions Wright was asked, one of them was regarding how he envisions the 2011 Mets.

NY Mets player to raise money for CHKD: wavy.com

“If we do what we’re supposed to do – I think we’ve made some smaller moves that have gone under the radar that I think are going to be good ones for us. Just like any other year I expect to win, and anything less than that is not gonna be good enough for me.”

Of course the quote is pure David Wright, and he never strays far from the script, but there’s nothing wrong with his endless supply of enthusiasm every spring, and actually, I look forward to it.

One amusing thing to note in the video is that in the lead-up to the interview they show a clip of David Wright singling and running to first. When he gets there safely they focus on him and there he is wearing the “Great Gazoo” batting helmet. I’m almost positive Wright didn’t approve that clip ahead of time. :-)

Hat tip to Mets Police for the vid.

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