Snow Daze: Bobby V Is Pretty Funny

An article by posted on January 27, 2011

Earlier this month, former Mets manager Bobby Valentine was named the public safety director in his hometown of Stamford, Connecticut. We all know Bobby V is a guy who takes his job seriously, but this is going above and beyond the call of duty.

A local CBS reporter doing a weather/traffic report on scene at an I-95 ramp, spots Bobby V who is directing traffic and she totally seems to find a lot of humor in it.

She refers to him as a “mini-celebrity” and a “former Mets coach” all while attempting to get his attention and have him come on camera. She is completely unaware that Valentine is actually employed by the Stamford government and is braving the storm and trying to do his job. She also seems to be bugging the hell out of poor Bobby who looks like he’s freezing his butt off out there.

Check out the following video clip or you can also view it here:

You should have taken that Marlins job, Bobby! I love Bobby V, no matter what he happens to be doing, he just always makes me laugh.

Thanks to Craig Calcaterra for the link.

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