Morning Grind: Mind of Manuel, Attack of the Clones

An article by posted on September 16, 2010

Met Nation,

Welcome to this Thursday edition of the Grind. I got finals, dude!  It’s been an interesting week to say the least and the fans have been taking sides on how the team should proceed going forward, who to start and who to sit, who to hire and who to fire. The Mets have turned into the ultimate fantasy team. In that same vein, it looks like fantasies are at a premium for real…..

Mind of Manuel

Jerry talked to WFAN again on Wednesday. Here are the highlights says Jerry.

  • The Mets do not need to be ‘blown up,’ the offense is in place, it will be fine with the players they have so long as they’re healthy, so the key to the team’s success next season will depend on acquiring another big relief pitcher and another big starting pitcher, especially when considering how well the team is playing in the field.
  • Both Jose Reyes and David Wright are on the verge of being very consistent and strong for a good three to four years period.
  • Josh Thole has the makings of being a team leader.
  • Jason Bay might play the final homestand of the year.
  • Now, hearing that Bay might return is good news, especially if he’s completely healthy. I would love for him to take a power stroke and some enthusiasm into next season. Then again, who wants an injured Bay in 2011 too? That’s one guy that I’m conflicted about sitting or starting.

    My only thoughts on Thole and being a potential team leader are fantastic. This team could use a couple.

    What barometer is Manuel using to determine that Reyes and Wright are “almost” consistent and will be of great value for another 3-4 years? If the Mets sign Reyes, it will certainly be for a deal longer than four years and DW’s contract is over after the 2012 season. Is he putting a timeline on these guys and their ability to perform? I don’t understanding why he referenced that timetable and, unfortunately, I couldn’t get hold of the actual interview. Waiting for another 3-4 years sounds like a death sentence without some new, potent pieces added to this offense. Is that his way of saying give these two stars more time?

    I don’t know anyone that thinks the team should be completely “blown up”. I think there needs to be wholesale changes on the field and in management but I don’t think I can comfortably suggest all brand new faces top to bottom. The offense is not what is being advertised and that specific area is a key reason why we need other outside options in the lineup and on the bench. You can fire the manager and the hitting coach but the hitting problems won’t solve themselves. Hey, at least, Tejada’s doing better. Speaking of offense………..

    Attack of the Clones

    I got to put it out there. If the Mets are going to make a real impact offensively, they have to stop drafting and making deals for the same kind of players. It’s one thing to be a laughingstock in the league because of in-door business portrayed outdoors. It’s another to be unable to ever strike fear into the hearts of your opponents especially the quality ones. You want them to adjust and prepare for what you’re doing and not already know what you’ll do before you do it. You want your opponent to sweat even before the game starts. You want that edge. Now do our Mets do that when they’re not playing Pittsburgh?

    Think part of the problem is a load of complementary players on this team who almost are identical? Streaky, one dimensional hitters. 5 to 6 inning pitchers. 2 pitch relievers. When’s the last time you saw a hitter provoke the kind of fear that guys like Piazza, Delgado, Foster, and Strawberry? When they’re at the plate, one mistake and it’s over. We can debate where that next feared hitter will come from. Some think Davis, Bay, or even DW can fill that role. Nada. Where’s that shutdown arm that attacks batters with mesmerizing stuff? Some think Niese or Mejia is the chosen one. Really. The big league rotation has improved in the area of the typical 5-6 inning starts but the minors are full of the same. Guys that know how to draw walks and steal bases? Few and far between. Glimpses can be seen of this kind of depth and diversity especially between 2005 and 2008 but never with any consistency. Think a new GM can fix that? Food for thought so eat up.

    Hopefully, you got plenty to take with you into your weekend. Be safe. Keep it Orange and Blue, baby. Have a Mets-tastic day!

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