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An article by posted on September 15, 2010

Good Morning, Met Nation.

With less than 18 games in the season, we are faced with the inevitable: Another unsatisfying end to the Mets season. We have spent countless hours talking about what might change, comings and goings, and what modicum of success our beloved Mets will have next year. The only thing that is certain is nothing is certain.

Fresh Meat

That term is not always meant in a positive way. Almost like the new guy hired at the job. It’s automatically who will get the worse hours, the job of fetching the coffee and donuts, and any other menial tasks available like carrying bags, pads, or singing show tunes on the lunchroom table. In this case, however, there are sure to be a lot of changes. The new GM is coming as Minaya’s reached the end of his stay in that position. He will probably be re-assigned according to reports. If he can be placed where his talents best fit then that’s a plus. This may be a historical moment: The Coupons might actually be making the best decision for the team’s sake by not thrusting Ricco/Backman into the soon to be vacant roles. He’s not ready for the New York meat grinder. An experienced GM is a wiser choice. Still like Jon Daniels? Combinations like Towers/Mazzilli and Valentine/Terry Collins have been tossed around too. I know about two deals that people will certainly gripe about but he’s the best candidate unless we’re talking Gillick or Beane as options. Is Bob Melvin worth a try? We’re closer than ever to this eventuality now. Who’s your GM choice and why?

Hot Spots

Looks like our peers at Metsblog believe that there are only five certain positions that will not change in 2011. Santana, DW, Niese, Pelfrey, and Bay are practically guaranteed to not be going anywhere. I guess from a money standpoint, most of those are logical. It doesn’t preclude a trade or two but again, Beltran, Reyes, and Dickey’s names weren’t included. It just brought to mind an interesting question: Are the guys on this team that have large multi-year contracts considered the “New Core”? Are these the guys that the team intends to build around? We know where you stand on Reyes and Beltran but Niese, Pelfrey, and Bay are relatively “new” to the team and the core of leadership here. If they’re not part of the nucleus, then are the Mets intending to go out and get “core players”? Chemistry may be the X-Factor for a successful 2011 in Flushing.

Trading Places

We talk trades so much and that’s part of the fun of baseball. Here are some candidates for trade for next year. See which names tickle your fancy: (Tender candidates) James Shields (uncertain), Matt Garza (love), Zach Grienke (like a lot), Kenshin Kawakami, Derek Lowe (a chance for a re-do?), and Carlos Zambrano. (Non-tender candidates) Chad Gaudin (relief needs), Kyle Davies, Chien-Ming Wang (healthy, right?), Zach Duke (pass), Brandon McCarthy (good 2010 but similar to Mets numbers already), Brian Bannister (not again), Ryan Rowland-Smith (nope), Brian Tallet (nope), John Lannan (interesting if with another pitcher) 

Shawn Marcum may also be addable to this list along with some other names. What’s your take on this? Who stands out to you as a piece that actually makes this team better and the money/years work out in our favor?

The only thing that’s certain is nothing is certain. We’re at a crossroads, ladies and gentlemen. If things fall into their proper places, we may actually be looking at the beginning of a World Series team or an underachieving repeat of the last few years. As it should be, when you’re losing, anything goes to make things better. Anything goes. Just a few thoughts for your mind, Met Nation. Go get ‘em today.

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