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An article by posted on August 24, 2010

Tyler Kepner of the NY Times just blew my mind in a recent article in which he writes,

The Marlins have spent about $396 million on player salaries from 2000 through 2010, with 873 victories and a World Series title to show. The Mets have spent about $1.212 billion on salaries in those seasons, with 877 victories and no championships.

In other words, the Mets have spent about $816 million more than the Marlins to win four more games and one fewer title. It is a stinging indictment of the Mets’ efficiency and a glowing example of the shrewdness of the Marlins, who are so disciplined that they have a blanket club policy against no-trade clauses.

What an indictment on this franchise and convincing evidence of just how mismanaged this team is from top to bottom….

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