Mets May Limit Innings For Niese

An article by posted on August 21, 2010

Mike Puma of the NY Post writes,

Jon Niese could be facing his own version of the Joba Rules.

Mets pitching coach Dan Warthen told The Post yesterday that a discussion will be held this week about whether Niese’s innings should be limited for the remainder of this season in an effort to preserve the 23-year-old lefty’s arm.

Niese pitches tonight against the Pirates, and has pitched 133 innings so far this season. That hardly sounds like an extreme workload, but whatever…

Puma also adds that Manuel is not sold on the idea and that ”he is not a proponent of limiting innings for Niese”, but he will listen to what Warthen has to say on the matter.

I really get annoyed by pitch counts and limiting a pitchers innings. Ron Darling, Bobby Ojeda and Nolan Ryan are all against these sort of protections as well. Injuries are up, complete games are a rarity, and a half dozen new bullpen roles have been created because of them.

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