Bobby V Could Be Next Mets Manager?

An article by posted on August 31, 2010

Matt Cerrone of MetsBlog has posted that Peter Gammons told WFAN that he believes Bobby Valentine will be the next manager of the Mets.

“I think there are two things: 1) He has a history and a good working relationship with Omar Minaya and 2) he is one guy that, though Jeff Wilpon will not always like what he hears from Bobby, I think they can have a relationship where Bobby could say to Jeff, ‘No, we’re not doing this, that’s the wrong thing,’ and in the end they’ll win out together, because they have a mutual respect.  I just think now is the right time to bring Bobby back.”

Obviously Gammons is just speculating, but going back to last season much of his speculation regarding the Mets has been way, way off.

He had the Mets pegged as frontrunners for John Lackey, then Joel Pineiro, and also said Jason Bay would play for Beirut before he’d ever agree to play for the Mets.

That said, the subject of Bobby Valentine returning to the Mets is worthy of debate. I would be thrilled to see him take the reins of this team again.

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