Are You Still Checking The NL Wild Card Standings?

An article by posted on August 24, 2010

I was just reviewing the latest posts on MetsBlog and came acros this morning’s posting of the NL Wild Card Standings.

The Philadelphia Phillies are 70-54 and in first place in the NL Wild Card standings.

With 38 games left to play, even if the Phillies played below .500 and ended up going 18-20, the Mets would still have to go 26-12 just to tie them.

That doesn’t take into account the other five teams that are currently ahead of the Mets.

Somehow the Mets will need all of them to lay down for them in the final month so that they could somehow leap-frog all of them to tie the Phillies and play them in a one game playoff.

The Mets haven’t played above .500 baseball in 2 1/2 seasons.

Are you still going to check the NL Wild Card Standings each morning?

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