Dodgers Deal Mets 2-0 Loss And Eighth Shutout Of The Season

An article by posted on July 23, 2010

Mets offense continues to be absent as they get shutout by the Dodgers, 2-0. This is the eighth time the Mets have been shutout this season, the third time this road trip. Over the span of two games, the Mets have been shutout 17 innings in a row.

Game Summary

Hisanori Takahashi gets his first good start in awhile. He has had back-to-back poor starts, but shook them off tonight against the Dodgers. He went seven strong innings giving up two runs on three hits and one home run by Matt Kemp. He struck out five batters and walked two. Once again another good start by the starting pitcher tainted by no offense. This cycle has to end at some point.

Elmer Dessens and Pedro Feliciano combine for an inning pitched. Dessens walked one, while Feliciano struck out one batter.

Mets offense continues to down spiral as they get shutout again. The eighth time this season the Mets have been shutout, including being shutout 17 innings straight. Over those seventeen innings the Mets have only tallied six hits, all singles against the lesser team in the DBacks and the Dodgers who have been struggling before facing the Mets.

The only hits on the night came from Carter, Wright and Reyes who all had one hit and Jeff Francoeur who had two hits on the night.

Turning Point

The turning point of the game is when the Mets first walked into the batter’s box. There was no hope.

Game Ball

Game ball continues to go to the Mets fans who continue to stay awake into the early hours of the following day to watch the Mets, hoping for one run.

Up Next

Johan Santana looks to have another great start for the Mets as he pitches game two against the Dodgers. He will being going up against Vicente Padilla who is coming off two poor starts. Hopefully, the Mets can actually get him a win. Game time is 10:10 PM.

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