Brewers Release Jeff Suppan, Could Provide Depth For Mets

An article by posted on June 7, 2010

If you have not already heard, the Brewer’s recently released Jeff Suppan.  Jeff has had a miserable season to date posting an 0-2 win loss record, an ERA of 7.48, and an average of 3.7 BB/9 innings.  With the Brewer’s responsible for Suppan’s $10.08 million dollar salary for 2010 including a $2 million dollar buyout at the end of 2010, Suppan would most likely be looking to sign a minor league contract at the league minimum for the remainder of the 2010 season. 

The Mets could possibly take a chance on Jeff signing him to a minor league contract at the minimum salary to see if he can find himself in AAA and possibly provide the big league club with depth in the rotation if injuries arise.  Despite the terrible numbers Suppan has posted for 2010, the majority of the 31 innings he has pitched this year have come in relief, throwing in 15 games, starting only 2 of them.  Suppan is an innings eater, pitching an average of 200 innings from 1999 to 2007 where in ’08 he dropped down to 177 and ’09 dropped down to 161 innings. 

In no way am I suggesting Jeff is the missing link to the Mets rotation, nor am I even suggesting the possibility that he even makes a start for the Mets (barring significant improvement in the minors).  But Jeff may provide that added depth that all teams are looking for late in the season when their 4th or 5th starter goes down for a week or two. 

At worst he costs the Mets the league minimum in salary, at best, he provides insurance for the rotation.  Either way, he won’t cost us prospects to get, and as long as he is willing to sign a minor league contract, he won’t cost us a roster slot either.

I think most of us can agree that Suppan is probably the equivalent to Perez, and like I mentioned the previous week with Dontrelle Willis’ situation.  We might be able to add Suppan and cut Perez basically replacing the same mediocre talent, but without the handcuffing clause in Perez’s contract.

Just something to think about, an obviously, the Mets would still need to pursue a front end starter regardless of whether or not we add Suppan.

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