Another Crushing Defeat, Another Epic Fail, Another Stunning Loss

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How much more of this can we take?

Once again, Mets fans had to endure another agonizing, gut wrenching, heartbreaking loss. How can these types of losses continue to plague this team time and time again?

The Mets have made losing in stunning fashion an art form…

This one hurts so much on so many levels. Only five games ago, we watched in shock as the Mets wasted an absolute gem by Johan Santana, losing 2-0 to the Milwaukee Brewers. But the warrior that Santana is, went out there tonight and despite not having his best stuff, he pitches another seven scoreless innings, and hands a slim 1-0 lead to the bullpen who go on to blow the lead, the game, the series, the whole damned thing. Unbelievable!

Frankie Rodriguez blows the save in the ninth, Raul Valdes blows the game in the tenth by loading the bases and serving up a meatball to the dangerous Adrian Gonzalez who blasted it for a grand slam.

That’s the sixth grand slam allowed by Mets pitchers this season…

That’s the sixth walk-off loss for the Mets this season too…

It’s humiliating to lose like this…

Our offense goes limp whenever our ace takes the mound. They are absolutely impotent and rendered useless no matter who the opposing pitcher is, they just suck.

Frankie Rodriguez is no sure thing, and has now shown himself to be as wildly inconsistent and unreliable as Armando Benitez once was.

The bullpen is in shambles… It is burned out, useless, and everybody is sucking wind… all of them.

Of course we have to shake it off and move on, but it’s becoming such a familiar sight… It’s becoming too painful…

Does anybody have any confidence when the starting pitcher is pulled and the bullpen takes over?

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