Five Reasons Not To Worry About Saturday’s Loss

An article by posted on May 2, 2010

5 – Losing 10-0 looks a lot worse then it actually is.  Remember, it still only counts as one in the loss column.  It is probably better to lose 10-0 then 10-7, and save some runs for upcoming games.  Some run support for Santana tomorrow would be nice.

4 – Pelfrey was going to give up runs eventually.  Against a lineup like the Phillies, along with poor defense – it was bound to happen.  If those catches were made, who knows if he would of been able to settle down.  Expect him to bounce back.

3 – Even the best offensive teams would have had trouble with Halladay yesterday.

2 – Sunday night’s match-up features Santana vs Moyer – advantage Mets.  Moyer had a 6.91 ERA against last year’s injury depleted team.  I think everyone would be happy with a 2-1 series victory in Philadelphia.

1 – We are still in first place!

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