Citi Field Of Dreams, And Nightmares…

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In another time, perhaps 50 years from now, the Mets will get the opportunity to tear down Citifield, and build a new stadium for their fans and team. The life cycle of Citifield will have reached it’s end. The Stadium will have hosted multiple championship teams and hosted All Star, playoff, and World Series games. We all will have had our fill of Shake Shack, McFaddens and Blue Smoke. Enough to last a lifetime.

Citi will have hosted some legendary concerts…The questions such as “Do you remember when Led Zeppelin did 6 nights at Citifield in 2012” will be asked. Remember the Rolling Stones in 2011? Or the U2 reunion concert in 2021? Remember Johan Santana’s famous farewell speech in 2019 when he finally had to retire? Not a dry eye in the house. Remember when the 38 year old Reyes, playing right field for the first full season of his career, limped to the plate with that bad wheel and won the Series with that mammoth 3 run blast onto the Pepsi porch…Only Reyes could have done that… ala Kirk Gibson. Jose became a Met folk hero forever with that shot…

The Mets will have some of their aged former players like 75 year old Met Hall of Famer Jose Reyes attend the closing ceremonies and a few others…Jon Niese will be there after his magnificent storied Met career where he won 194 games over 3 different decades. Wilmer Flores will be there to tell the tales of his strange mastery over Steven Strasburg during the course of his career…people will ask Wilmer how he hit the no-hit master, who the Mets signed to a 3 year 120 million dollar contract following 11 years with the Washington franchise, the man who threw 2 more no hitters than Nolan Ryan. His 6th 7th and 8th No-no’s which were all with the Mets. His last back in Washington when he went back home. We’ll all laugh about the Wilpon era. Remember when the truth about Madoff came out in 2012 and the Wilpon’s lost everything and finally sold the club to Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David? Seinfeld just kept signing guys on the advice of his buddy, Steve Somers the WFAN announcer who is 100 years old this year…and still on the radio!

One former Met won’t be attending however. After his 12 year career with the Mets, he left with a bittersweet taste in his mouth…A championship ring on one hand, but a loss of hall of fame credentials on the other. He went onto a wonderful flourish and finish to his career with the expansion Norfolk franchise. After 5 years in Citifield he no longer could cope with the way the stadium played and asked then GM Wayne Krivsky to deal him. After his trade to Baltimore, and his two outstanding years there, he played out his option and signed with his expansion, hometown Norfolk Harbor Seals. 

Citifield has perplexed David Wright since the day it opened. Many would like to point to his lack of power last season or his beaning last year trying to ascertain the reasons why David Wright isn’t the same…It’s easy to point to last years beaning as Buster Olney did when trying to build a case about what has happened to David. “Hey Buster, this guy isn’t the same player because Citifield isn’t Shea Stadium.” Period. End of story. He wasn’t hitting for power previous to his beaning…his ‘K’ rate was already on the rise when Matt Cain hit him in the head.

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