A Concussion Discussion

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Admittedly I am new to this site and am still trying to find my way and my voice here.  Obviously I never played Major League Baseball – or professional ball of any kind.  My game –  since I was 5 yrs old  – is golf.  At first I simply followed Dad around the course, but later I moved on to USGA Women’s Golf tournaments in the Greater NYC area.

What this has in common with baseball is that a little white hard-covered ball is flying through the air without a flight path.  Sure the golfer tries to keep the ball straight, and Roger Clemens isn’t really aiming for Mike Piazza’ head, but sometimes things go awry.  I saw the Clemens/Piazza ‘mistake’ and have never forgotten it. 

Recently on MMO several of us had a concussion discussion about David Wright’s experience last fall and wondered just what are/are not the lasting effects of these injuries. Some of us remembered Tony Conigliaro. I also remembered  Ryan Church’s experience with concussions when he was with the Mets – it was a couple of years ago, so I looked it up (Baseball Reference).

August 22, 2008Missed 41 games (concussion).
July 8, 2008Concussion, 15-day DL (retroactive to July 9th).
July 6, 2008Dizziness, day-to-day.
June 29, 2008Missed 19 games (post concussion).
June 8, 2008Post concussion, day-to-day.
June 1, 2008Missed 5 games (mild concussion).
May 27, 2008Mild concussion, day-to-day.
May 25, 2008Missed 1 game (mild concussion).
May 24, 2008Mild concussion, day-to-day.
May 22, 2008Missed 1 game (concussion).
May 21, 2008Concussion, day-to-day.
February 7, 2008Re-signed by the New York Mets to a one-year contract

Ryan is now playing with the Pittsburgh Pirates after signing with them as a free agent.  I wish him well.

Tony Conigliaro – (January 7, 1945 – February 24 1990) never regained his health completely.  His injuries inspired the ear flap on today’s helmets.

The NFL is currently in discussion with several Congressional House Committees in various states concerning concussions. 

I’m not going there – Roger Goodell can handle that. 

It is however, what prompted my subject this morning.

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