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The Mets have one of the highest payrolls in Major League Baseball today, despite the well know fact that they are not spending it where they need it most. Congratulations Mets, you went out and signed Jason Bay to a 4-year $66 million contract. You also went out and signed Kiko Calero, Henry Blanco and Rod Barajas to reasonable deals. However, all the other signings have been less than useful. Signing Chris Coste was supposed to be so that he could help Josh Thole hone his skills and eventually be the Mets future star catcher. Now with Coste gone, the Mets have last year’s catcher, Omir Santos, teaching Thole the ropes. I’m sure he’ll learn a lot from him… (Not!)

No Mets fan is confident with the starting rotation. Anything after Johan Santana is questionable at best. There is no one pitcher to really give the Mets any hope or confidence of being better than last year. If anything, it has gotten worse.

John Maine who hasn’t shown much this spring, and has been subject to constant injuries or ailments throughout his career, is now supposed to do a complete 180 and show us his 2007 form and provide the Mets with another 15 wins? Really?

Then you have the newest addition to the rotation, Jonathon Niese. And even if his 5.65 ERA this spring is nothing to be concerned about, how about the fact he has only eight career starts and two wins under his belt? Not exactly reason to rejoice. Sure there’s he’s young and improving, but having him pitch third in the rotation seems akin to last year when the Mets tabbed Pelfrey their number two starter. For a Mets team that still says it aspires to make it into the post season, it doesn’t seem like the smartest thing in the world to do. He needs his starts, but third is not where he should be.

Mike Pelfrey, last year’s number two starter, is now pitching fourth. His spring was mostly dedicated to developing new pitches. However, his original pitches were rusty during the transition. Three loses and a 7.97 ERA have proven that the Mets former first-rounder is not the top of the rotation stud that the Mets hoped he’d be.

Ollie Perez… Seriously, I still can’t believe we will own this guy for two more years? The only thing that has improved from Ollie is his beard. An ERA almost touching nine in only five starts has shown us that Mr. Perez will likely be the bad Ollie that we saw much of last year. It’s getting hard to believe that good Ollie will ever make an appearance again.

And what’s the deal with the bullpen? Please! Figueroa, Igarashi, Nieve, Feliciano, Takahashi, and Rodriguez are not much of an improvement from last year’s bullpen. With Green reportedly no longer in the mix, it should be an improvement. However, Parnell in the minors decreases the average velocity of the pen. Mejia would most likely be the best choice for the pen as far as getting a fire-baller in there, but at what cost to his development?

Clearly the pitching is loaded with too many questions and is relying on too many players to rebound from injuries or poor seasons or even breakthrough from the minors.

The offense is not exactly at the same caliber as the Yankees or Phillies. We got Bay and Barajas to provide some power, but with Reyes and Beltran once again injured and missing Opening Day, there won’t be that spark that will help the Mets win ball games and get off to a good start. David Wright has gained some more muscle, but will it be enough to improve on his ten homer season of 2009?

Murphy will be out for the first 5-6 weeks of the season, and will not be missed much, but with Mike Jacobs taking his spot at first it’s hard to call this an improvement. This is the same player who was sent down to the minors at one point last season while playing poorly for the Royals. He did have 32 home runs for the Marlins two years ago, I’m not forgetting that, but it was his only solid season in the last five years and he doesn’t seem to be any closer to the player he was that season for the Marlins. Jeff Francoeur still has to prove his second half of last season when he became the Mets’ “savior” was not a fluke like so many believe. Pagan and Gary Matthews Jr. are still battling for the starting center field job. If Pagan wins, Matthews may not be sticking around as the fourth outfielder. I rightfully agree. Package him, Santos, Nick Evans and whatever else over to the Reds for a starting pitcher. Please. I love Santos and Evans as much as the next fan, but we’re not using them and another team probably could. Also, we could bring up F-Mart, who has been having a great spring, and put him in a rotation with Frenchy and Pagan so he gets his at-bats. Even Chris Carter or Ike Davis would be improvements over what we probably open the season with.

The Mets as of right now do not have what it takes to make it to the post season. The fans know it, and the players probably know it too, but for some reason the front office is too oblivious to realize it.

This is all a joke right? Right?

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