Mets Should Look To Other Ohio Team For Help…

An article by posted on April 13, 2010

Last seasons’ wounds haven’t healed.  Yet, sitting around discussing the current issues with this current incarnation of the NY Mets with some friends has revealed not panic, but apathy…

Willie Harris catch has robbed us of a .500 start, but, more importantly, Johan Santana’s lack of velocity this past Sunday and really for quite some time, has me wondering if we’ll be robbed of an entire season…

I have heard Mike Francesa on WFAN talk about rumors of the Mets trading Gary Matthews Jr. to the Reds for Bronson Arroyo.  His reported rumor of a trade would be a steal for the Mets.  Walt Jocketty, a GM with a World Championship pedigree, would be laughed out of Cincinnati for making that deal. Let’s be realistic folks, Arroyo is the Reds owners’ favorite player, unless it’s Aaron Harang and his 25 million coming east, it’s not happening…

There is another pitcher who is intriguing. A pitcher, who has had success in the past, will cost us some of our blue chip prospects for certain, and who has been very good his first two starts.  He plays on the other side of Ohio. That pitcher is…drum roll please… Fausto Carmona.

Carmona’s contract situation reads this way: $4.9 million in 2010 and $6.1 million in 2011. He also has options on his contract which are:  $7 million in 2012; $9 million in 2013; and $12 million in 2014.

Carmona could be had from an Indian franchise that is clearly ready for a full blown rebuilding job.

Would John Maine, Jeurys Familia, and Reese Havens or Ruben Tejada get it done? Possibly.  More likely the Mets would need to part with a real good outfield prospect and true pitching prospect like Familia. I wouldn’t want to deal Captain Kirk or Fernando Martinez, or Familia for that matter, but this team needs to do something rather soon to send a message to a club that must be shaking their collective heads about why they are 2-4 rather than 4-2. This team looks perplexed as to why they haven’t gotten out of the gate stronger…

Carmona is 2 years removed from his best season when he was 19-8 with a 3.06 ERA and a 1.21 WHIP. Fausto has had injury riddled seasons the last 2 years but has been strong out of the gate this year, seemingly putting his injuries behind him. A better risk than Harang for sure.

The Mets, quite frankly, are in desperate need of a # 2 starter, and Carmona, who played second fiddle to CC Sabathia for a time, would slot in nicely behind Johan Santana.  There can be no other course of action which would invigorate this pitching staff and team more than the acquisition of a true # 2 behind Johan. Carmona’s availability is without question where Omar Minaya needs to turn in order to “right the ship” If Johan’s velocity doesn’t return the pitching point is moot. I’m betting it does.

Carmona’s comfort level would return if positioned behind a true ace.

The Mets will hit. A rusty Jose Reyes will heat up as the weather does, David Wright, Jason Bay, Jeff Francouer and company will become whole again after Carlos Beltran returns. The starting pitching is where the biggest need for this team lies. Carmona, only 27, may be the best fit.

Right now it’s too early for trades, teams have just begun to see what they do and don’t have. But to make the inquiry and relay to the Cleveland GM a high level of interest would be prudent.

Make no mistake however, the recent injury to Jimmy Rollins may open the door for others in the NL East to bang on the door. We just need Omar and company to bang on Cleveland’s door to assess the viability and availability of acquiring Carmona.

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