Maine In Bad Place, Could Get Yanked From Rotation

An article by posted on April 14, 2010

When asked If Maine’s spot in the rotation was in jeopardy, Jerry said,

“Well, I think those things we’ll have to talk about.  I think right now, right after this game, you know, you have to sleep on that and see how you feel tomorrow and hopefully he feels OK.  But, you have to have dialogue about it.  That’s just the business that we’re in.”

Could this be a possible indication that Maine will be bumped out of the rotation? Possibly, but at this point right now I do not think is the right decision. Yes John had a poor spring and his first two outings were subpar, but moving Maine out of the rotation is not the right move to make.

First of all, it is way too early to make any kind of drastic move like this. This is the same guy that Jerry decided to move up to start the second game of the season. Of course that might have been more for match-up reasons, but there still had to be some confidence in that move. At the same time, pulling Maine out of the rotation would contradict everything the team was saying this offseason, that they believed the guys they had were better than what was out there. How can the team truly say they gave “their guys” a chance if only allowing Maine to pitch 8 innings.

Does Maine look like he can be a serviceable starter so far, not at all but it still is way too early in the season for a permanent demotion. Does Jerry honestly believe that someone else in this organization could stand a better chance starting every 5th day behind Santana? As of right now, I do not have faith in Pat Misch or Takahashi taking his role.

Yes, Maine’s velocity is down from what we are used to seeing, but that is very common of pitchers this time of year, especially ones coming off an injury. Maine’s problems, in my opinion are deeply in his head, he seems to get thrown off with runners on base and work himself into more trouble. Can this be fixed, I hope so and Jerry needs to let him work on it and not demote him out of the rotation.

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