I Like Ike – Mets Need To Bring Davis North…

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This past offseason, the merciless bashing of the Mets organization seemed to reach it’s zenith. If you listened to talk radio and read all the blogs and papers you would have thought Omar Minaya was the boogieman. Was the criticism justified? That question won’t be answered until after the season. Or, maybe it will be answered by the end of spring training …

Listening to Jerry Manuel wax poetic about young Jenrry Mejia’s arm resonated with the fan base and blog and newspaper writers. Armed with a 97 mph fastball, that interest, and our fascination with the young man‘s talent made for some intriguing storylines. We, as fans, have been told that young Mejia may be an 8th inning setup man this year. Hogwash! Mejia isn’t ready. The Mets know this, but continue to hype the talented 20 year old.

Another young man has been equally impressive. The difference being that it’s becoming more obvious by the day that young Ike Davis is ready. When Davis is mentioned, the Mets continue to reiterate that Ike “isn’t ready yet” that he needs “more seasoning”. Are we all watching the same player? Don’t play coy with us Omar/Jerry.

I don’t want to go off the deep end after 3 games in Port St. Lucie, and project this guy to be the next anybody. How about we all just hope he puts up good numbers wherever he plays. It isn’t hard to envision young Mr. Davis with better numbers than either Daniel Murphy or Mike Jacobs. What is hard to fathom is that those numbers will probably be at ‘AAA’ Buffalo…

Ike hasn’t been campaigning for the 1st base job. He’s shown he knows his place. His father, Ron, a former setup man and big league pitcher has taught him how to deal with major league clubhouse politics and the media. So, it’s going be up to the fan base and bloggers and writers and his on field play to do his politicking for him. So far, so good Ike.

The Mets continue with the company line as it pertains to Ike. Granted, we haven’t seen Ike against the Halladay’s or Wainwright’s or Carpenter’s. Ike finished last year at AA Binghamton. Ike Davis also went to Arizona State for a few years. In my mind, and many others, his collegiate experience equates to 2 years more of minor league ball. If you couple Davis’ work ethic, natural talent, bloodlines, and maturity, you have the makings of a excellent young player who has the drive and talent to succeed in any environment.

I recall a young man who was also drafted out of college who was drafted with less fanfare. He played AA ball until being called up to AAA. He hadn’t even got his feet wet there when he was called up by the big club. The players name: Daniel Murphy. Murph essentially never played at AAA. He was brought up and hit well at the end of ‘08. No AAA ball. Yet, to open the 2009 season he was our Mets starting LF, and, after Carlos Delgado went down, our starting 1st baseman. If Daniel Murphy can play with no AAA experience in the field and at the plate, I’m absolutely positive that Ike Davis can.

This past off season, we fans were treated to the torment of watching players who would help our squad sign or be dealt elsewhere. Our owner, Fred Wilpon said of this past off season “Torture. Very, very difficult. So, look, you’ve heard the theme that we have to stay healthy. I’m very optimistic that they will.”

I like Dan Murphy, I like Mike Jacobs. I love Ike Davis. The Mets many times this off season let us down as a fan base. They shouldn’t’t be so shortsighted and let us down again…

The biggest question to be answered at 1st base is not ‘Is Ike ready?’ It’s why don’t the Mets realize he’s ready? Surely if Dan Murphy was ready in ‘09, Ike Davis is ready in ‘10.

Many times I’ve told others that the Mets have way more talent on the farm than they are given credit for.

The Mets make that argument themselves, saying their minor leagues have more talent than most scouts think. It’s time to be bold. Bring Ike Davis north and prove it.

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