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This morning I asked the following Twitter Poll question:

Are you happy with the end result of how Omar Minaya handled Billy Wagner?

  • Red Sox get two high draft picks (1st round pick, sandwich pick)
  • Braves get their new closer; Billy Wagner
  • Mets get two low level prospects; Chris Carter and Eddie Lora

Here are some of the responses.

Unhappy with the end results…

chrisbirckhead - Not at all… a poor attempt at cost savings.

nymetropolitans - “Baseball is a business, there’s no more loyalty.” Billy needs money to feed his family (of alpacas).

MetsGuide - No, but I haven’t seen Carter in action yet. I would have liked those draft pick(s) though.

DWrightGuy5 - No, I feel that the #20 and #40 would’ve been better than Carter and Lora.

tfc3rid - Ugh, Omar fouled up… Clearly a cost saving move but backfired as usual.

Happy with the end results…

antiglib - Wagner decision at time it was made was 100% correct. Remember, this is a guy who was also publicly mulling retirement.

turbot72lou - Yes, because we weren’t winng and if we offer arb. he could acceppt and we would have a closer as a setup guy = too exspenive.

AdamMarcalEnd result? Don’t we have to wait and see who Boston drafts, then who they trade those draft picks for, and how those players.

msschneid - Yes, take the two players and save some money.

It looks like Mets fans are split. I would love to get some feedback from our readers, and I will add those comments to this post.


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