Throw Some Coal In The Hot Stove It’s Freezing In Here

An article by posted on December 7, 2009

So far, there’s been nothing significant to report from the 2009 Winter Meetings in Indianapolis.

Despite the huge buildup leading up to Sunday night when most GM’s and their staffs began arriving, there’s been little buzz in a baseball market that is still difficult to accurately gauge. At his point, most of the rumors are as predictive as reading tea leaves.

There’s a growing philosophy taking hold that suggest that this years Baseball Meetings may focus more on laying the groundwork for deals and opening up a dialog with other teams. In past years, super agents like Scott Boras ruled the roost and overwhelmed the agenda with their stables of free agents.

The economy still seems to be a big issue, and some teams are reporting that they will cut payroll, including the New York Yankees whose exorbitant free agent shopping sprees are the stuff of legend.

Personally, I love trades more than I do signing big free agents. There is so much more to analyze and debate which is what make the hot stove season so much more interesting.

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