Don’t Be Surprised If The Mets Make A Big Splash

An article by posted on December 7, 2009

For the last two months, many of the so-called experts have been doing their best to tell us that the Mets will not be players for some of the top free agents like Matt Holliday, Jason Bay and John Lackey.

We’ve been told that they don’t have the money or that the don’t have the stomach for a bidding war even though any of those players would be a significant improvement.

Instead we’ve been bombarded with reports that the Mets will focus on second tier free agents, or B-level players, or the secondary free agent, or as Bill Madden egregiously asserted and then changed, low level Latino players. They sure don’t give a Mets fan anything to aspire to, do they?

Well, I’m not buying it.

Lately, the Mets have become the brunt of many jokes, and maybe rightfully so. It’s as if picking on the Mets has become the latest fad, and everyone is getting in on it… including some Mets fans who were sucked into the vortex.

There’s going to be a whirlwind of news coming out of Indianapolis in the next three days. Don’t be surprised if the biggest story has the Mets reaching a deal for one of the big three in the days following the end of the Winter Meetings, where for now Omar and his staff will look to improve the team via a trade.

Minaya smartly said the following in an exclusive interview with Adam Rubin of the Daily News.

“Last year we needed a closer and we ended up getting two closers. This year we have more parts that we have to fill in. Are we going to be able to fill all of them in here? I don’t know that. But as far as the pressure, I don’t feel like I have to do something. When you start putting pressure on yourself that you have to do something, it’s not good.”

I discovered that some sites decided to leave off the last sentence to that quote in an attempt to put a negative spin on it and continue to perpetuate the doomsday scenario for Mets fans at the Winter Meetings.

I caution all of you to look beyond the smoke and mirrors and see the facts for what they are.

Would it be in the Mets best interest to come out guns blazing and making public their off season game plan which they have been secretly working on for the last two months?

I know of no otherr GM that would engage in such conduct. They would be laughed out of the business.

I’m very hopeful that the Mets will make some very significant moves in the next 72 hours for the Mets.

 I believe they will find a trade partner that will finally jettison Luis Castillo out of Flushing. I hope it’s not for Pat Burrell, but some of the other names that I’ve heard I could live with. If Omar was trigger happy, he probably would have moved Castillo at the first chance he got. Luckily, he is being patient and waiting to make sure that it’s not a deal for the sake of making a deal, but a move he believes will ultimately make the Mets a better team. I’m not a big Omar supporter as most of you know, but I do believe he has the Mets’ best interest at heart.  

I also feel strongly that despite what mostly everyone is reporting, that the Mets WILL make a strong push for Toronto pitching ace, Roy Halladay. We may not have a farm system as deep or as talented as some of the other interested parties, but that does not mean we don’t have the pieces. I’m not totally buying the whole “the Mets don’t have what it takes” argument.

The big thing will be moving Luis Castillo.

Once that happens, I expect a domino effect to follow and that it will ultimately lead to one of the “Big Three” playing for the Mets in 2010.

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