Who Are These Doctors Anyway?

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You know, I can accept the fact that the injury bug has bitten our Mets hard this season, and that freak accidents have hurt, as has being beaned in the head by opposing pitchers.  We’ve learned to accept that we have average to below-average replacements and that the season was basically over before the all-star break.  Now we’re biding our time and waiting until next year, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t bored out of my mind by these guys (not including last night’s barrage on the Braves). 

But here’s something I just can’t get past.  The disabled list itself, and the fact that our core that have landed on there (Beltran, Reyes, Delgado, Putz, Maine) and are probably all done for the season.  Here is the list of who went on the DL when, and why…

 David Wright 3BAug 1615-dayPost-concussion symptoms
 Álex Cora SS/2BAug 1315-dayThumb ligament surgery – out for season
 Jonathon Niese SPAug 660-dayTorn right hamstring – out for season
 Fernando Nieve SPJul 2015-dayTorn right quadriceps – out 6-8 weeks
 Fernando Martinez LF/CFJul 915-dayRight knee inflammation
 Carlos Beltrán CFJun 2215-dayBone bruise, right knee
 John Maine SPJun 715-dayRight shoulder fatigue
 J.J. Putz RPJun 560-dayRight elbow surgery – out 8-10 weeks
 Ramón Martínez SS/2BJun 360-dayFractured left pinkie finger
 José Reyes SSMay 2115-dayRight calf tendinitis
 Carlos Delgado 1BMay 1160-dayRight hip impingement
 Billy Wagner RPMar 2760-dayLeft elbow surgery – out for season 

The 60-day DL sometimes means longer, but how is it that Reyes, Maine and Beltran are all on the 15-day DL?  So far, Reyes has been on there for 90 days, Maine 73 days, and Beltran 58 days.  We’re not talking broken bones here.  We’re talking tendonitis, shoulder fatigue and a bone bruise, respectively.  I’m not a doctor, but apparently neither are the guys in charge of the Mets’ infirmary either.  I think there is a real problem in this organization, whether that’s on the diagnosis end or in the weight room or something.  But there is a problem here for sure.

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