Will Mets Be Power-less Against Phillies, Yanks?

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In what should be a very telling week for the Mets, they face off against their two fiercest rivalries; the Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Yankees.

The Yankees have knocked out 88 homeruns which is ranked number two in all of baseball second only to the Texas Rangers who have one more at 89. The Phillies are ranked third in the majors with 78 which leads the National League. The Mets… well they rank 28th with 34 dingers. Both the Phils and Yanks have more than twice as many homers as the Mets.

Currently, the Mets have just one batter who is on pace to eclipse 12 homeruns and that is Carlos Beltran who should hit close to or around 20.

The Yankees and Phillies are also ranked second and third in the majors in RBI’s with 305 for the Bronx Bombers and 290 for the Phils. The Mets come in at 18 with 240.

The following players have at least 20 or more RBI’s:

Mark Teixeira5220339581501712450293700.286.388.611.998
Nick Swisher551723443131119133405100.250.392.529.921
Johnny Damon5221045631421111433253550.300.376.543.918
Robinson Cano562303869131911134131632.300.336.483.819
Hideki Matsui50169184211187923193000.249.333.467.801
A. Rodriguez289816254085323231610.255.407.541.947
Jorge Posada3110815337086427152610.306.389.593.981
Derek Jeter5322534691207102252531111.307.381.453.834
Raul Ibanez5521946721521914854203740.329.386.6761.062
Ryan Howard5522037571521712747246820.259.337.577.915
Chase Utley5318639551101210238373350.296.438.548.987
Pedro Feliz54186225714127929182400.306.361.425.785
S. Victorino532273967145510629172393.295.343.467.810
Jayson Werth531993751101887282850102.256.355.437.792
David Wright5420036691633100343754148.345.448.500.948
C. Beltran501933366181710733313071.342.436.554.990
C. Delgado269415287144923122000.298.393.521.914
G. Sheffield4611226295155120241921.259.394.455.850

Obviously, the Mets no longer have Delgado, and even Sheffield will see less playing time with Ryan Church back and Fernando Martinez clawing for at-bats.

Since Fernando Tatis and Daniel Murphy replaced Carlos Delgado at first base, they are hitting a combined .139 as pointed out by Gary Cohen during yesterday’s broadcast.

Jerry Manuel has been sending subliminal messages to Omar Minaya because he understands that the Mets won’t go far unless they start banging out some homers.

“If the power comes, that’s going to be great for us,” Manuel said. “But if not, I still believe we’ll struggle in games such as Saturday. We’ll struggle in games like we had the last game in Pittsburgh where we felt — or at least I felt — that we had an opposing pitcher that was struggling and making mistakes, and we were getting singles instead of hitting them out of the park to get back in the game.”

There hasn’t been one legitimate trade rumor tying the Mets to a power hitter even though several of them are on the block. And while most fans believe the Mets need a starting pitcher more than anything else, what good would that do if we lose 3-0, 3-2, 3-1 or 2-1 like we did in Pittsburgh, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Even the first 3-1 win we got against the Nats on Friday could have easily gone into the loss column if not for two costly errors by Adam Dunn…

I guess we’ll see what this team is really made of beginning tomorrow.

Maybe Wilson Valdez, Alex Cora, Ryan Church and Brian Schneider will suddenly have a power surge and help take the load off David Wright and Carlos Beltran.

Maybe Daniel Murphy and Fernando Tatis can elevate their performance and combine to hit .280 in the next six games and double their recent output.

Maybe Luis Castillo picks this week to hit his first homerun of the season. 

If all those thing happen, it might not be so bad…

On another note…

Johan Santana and J.A. Happ will get things started tomorrow night. The Phillies top pitching prospect is 2-0 since he recently joined the rotation, and seems like one of those young pitchers that always seem to stymie the Mets. He last threw seven shutout innings against the Padres last week. He has not allowed more than four hits in any of his starts.

Fasten your seat-belts, have plenty of Alka Seltzer on hand, and watch your mouths as there may be children in the area.

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