There Will Be More Gut Wrenching Losses…

An article by posted on June 13, 2009

Howie Rose called it the worst regular season loss in franchise history and that none ever hurt this bad. He should know, he’s seen them all.

I find it amazing that not one Mets player expressed outrage last night…

Certainly, you could tell by the looks on their faces that they were shell-shocked, but not one word of disgust, embarrassment or even a tinge of anger came out of that clubhouse after the game. Everyone had the standard line almost as if this entire nightmarish drama had been staged for our evening’s entertainment.

“It’s just an error, and errors are a part of the game.”

Not one teammate called Castillo out… on the contrary they all embraced him.

Of course that’s what they have to do, but given what happened I was thirsting for more, I had an insatiable blood-lust. I wanted to see Castillo pay dearly for the carnage that he caused and I was certainly in no forgiving mood.

Tony Paige suggested dumping the Pepsi sponsorship and switching to Pepto Bismol, the official drink of the New York Mets. I would opt for Drano if it were up to me.

With that one dropped ball we erased another great night by David Wright that featured what should have been a clutch, game-winning double in the top of the eighth.

With that one dropped ball we erased an amazing comeback off of the greatest closer the game has ever seen in Mariano Rivera.

With that one dropped ball we erased another A-Rod choke that should have ended the game to a chorus of boos as the Mets celebrated on the field.

With that one dropped ball the longest consecutive save streak in franchise history was stopped at sixteen instead of making K-Rod a perfect 17 for 17 in save opportunities.

It was only an error?

My apologies to David Wright and Ryan Church, but are you on effin’ crack?

That was a hell of a lot more than just a freaking error!!!

They should find the best photo of that atrocity, and blow it up into a huge life-sized poster and hang it in the clubhouse so it can haunt them day and night.

The reason the Mets keep finding new ways to torture their fanbase is because they pass off what happened last night like it was no big deal, so they never learn anything from it.

You will see more dropped one-handed catches, and more baserunning blunders, and even more mental mistakes, because these Mets learn nothing from their mistakes and they have a manager who makes excuses for them rather than taking them to task. If Lou Piniella or Tony La Russa were at the helm, there would be hell to pay for last night. Fielding practice at 9:00 AM, everyone better effin be there or I’ll fine your freakin’ complacent asses!

There is something wrong with the makeup of this team. They are long on talent and embarrassingly short on baseball smarts. They find ways to lose while other teams find ways to win. The other team always seems to want it more than the Mets when they are engaged in a classic battle like the last three games… the last three losses… the last three collapses that left the Phillies and Yankees saying, “OMG, I can’t believe we won that game!”

They can’t believe it, but we as Mets fans can.

Now that I got all of that angst out of my system, maybe I can post something a little bit more optimistic later. But for now, all I want to do is scream.

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