Ump In Yanks Pocket, Stadium On Steroids, Keith On Tex

An article by posted on June 15, 2009

What a weekend…

The New Yankee Stadium is a complete joke, and I can’t believe they didn’t know ahead of time that the place was going to be a launching pad. Every deep flyball was either over the wall for a homer, or caught at or near the wall. You have to hold your breath on anything lifted in the air. It’s laughable that the Yankees are on pace to smash the all time single season mark for homeruns, and I think we may have to break out the asterisks again after the season. The Yankees have gone from having a roster full of players on steroids to having a stadium on steroids. It doesn’t even feel like real baseball in that place… terrible… absolutely terrible…

Umpire Jim Wolf who called the balls and strikes in yesterdays game for the Mets pitchers, and just the strikes for the Yankees’ A.J. Burnett, should be investigated for betting on baseball. Only someone who had money on the Yankees would have given Burnett those strike calls. The first and third base coaches must have been in on the fix too, as the checked swing strikes weren’t even close. I almost wanted to throw up when I read the morning papers that have Burnett throwing a gem. When the Mets had the bases loaded and nobody out in the third inning and Cora at the plate, he got screwed by Wolf and it should have been a walk to drive in a run and it would have changed the entire complexion of the game. We had Burnett on the ropes but the home plate ump decided to give Wolf a helping hand with a dozen blown calls. It was one of the most egregious displays of calling balls and strikes I’ve seen in a long time.

I wish Keith Hernandez would have stopped the endless gloating over Mark Teixeira for the entire series. Oh my God it was so nauseating and he wouldn’t stop. And please stop with the hustling when Castillo dropped that popup from hell, it was a 3-2 pitch and Girardi had everybody running on the pitch. Teixeira wasn’t hustling he was already rounding second as soon as that baseball dropped! Hernandez even went as far as saying the following as yesterday’s game came to an end: “That’s a first baseman the Mets should have had in the clubhouse.” Gee… thanks for overstating the obvious, but your the last person I wanted to hear that from and your timing couldn’t have been worse. I felt like he was throwing gas on the fire that was raging inside my chest.

As for Johan Santana… That deserves an entire post of it’s own so check back later…

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