Donald Fehr Stepping Down As Union Boss

An article by posted on June 22, 2009

ESPN is reporting, that Donald Fehr is stepping down as executive director of the Major League Baseball Players Association.

Don Fehr joined the MLBPA as general counsel in August of 1977 and was named executive director in December of 1985. Prior to joining the Association, Don was associated with the Kansas City law firm of Jolley, Moran, Walsh, Hager & Gordon, where, on behalf of the MLBPA, he worked on the landmark Messersmith-McNally free agency case.

As executive director, Don serves as the players’ chief negotiator in collective bargaining with Major League owners, and has general responsibility for administering the other aspects of the MLBPA’s activities, including contract administration, grievance arbitration, and pension and health care matters. In 1990, he successfully negotiated the $280 million settlement of the free agency collusion cases.

Fehr has held the position since1986.

Fehr will be replaced by general counsel Michael Weiner, pending board approval, the source said.

The announcement is expected to be made later today.

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