Mets Sweep The Nationals, Mets Win 7-4

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Game Summary

The Mets Sweep! It may have not been the prettiest win of the season, but the Mets beat the Nationals 7-4 tonight and completed the sweep for their third straight win. Johan Santana clearly didn’t have it today, but luckily the offense picked him up and he was able to walk away with the win. Daniel Murphy had a big day at the plate with three hits including a double and a homerun that needed some help from the umpires. Murph ended the game with a career high 5 RBI’s.

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First run, second run: 4th inning, Dunn homered to right, Zimmerman scored.
Third run: 4th inning, Guzman walked, Willingham scored, Maxwell to third, Zimmermann to second.
Fourth run: 9th inning, Johnson singled to center, Guzman scored.

J Santana (W, 7-2)6.03336111120-731.77
R Parnell (H, 9)0.210002012-82.21
P Feliciano (H, 7)0.10000104-32.41
J Putz1.000010012-63.42
F Rodriguez1.011001020-140.79


First run, second run: 1st inning, Sheffield doubled to deep right center, Castillo and Wright scored.
Third run: 3rd inning, Murphy singled to right, Pagan scored, Sheffield to second.
Fourth, fifth run: 6th inning, Murphy homered to right, Sheffield scored.
Sixth, seventh run: 7th inning, Murphy doubled to deep left, Pagan and Castillo scored, Sheffield to third.

1. Pagan: 2-4   .323
2. Castillo: 2-2   .295
3. Wright: 1-4   .345
4. Sheffield: 1-2   .295
    Putz: 0-0   .000
  c- Valdez: 0-1   .000
    Rodriguez: 0-0   .000
5. Murphy: 3-4   .262
6. Castro: 1-4   .253
7. F-Martinez: 0-4   .000
8. R-Martinez: 1-3   .121
9. Santana: 0-2   .067
  a- Tatis: 0-1   .275
    Parnell: 0-0   .000
    Feliciano: 0-0   .000
  b- Reed: 0-1   .298

a- Tatis pinched hit for the pitcher in the 6th inning.
b- Reed came in for defensive replacement in 8th inning. Double switch, Reed plays left and goes into the 9 hole, pitcher into the 4 hole.
c- Valdez pinched hit for the pitcher in the 8th inning.

HR: Murphy (4)
RBI: Sheffield 2 (18,19), Murphy 5 (13,14,15,16,17)
R: Castillo 2 (26,27), Wright (31), Pagan 2 (5,6), Sheffield (23), Murphy (21) 
2B: Sheffield (5), Castro (5), Murphy (5),
K: Pagan (9), Murphy (14), Castro 2 (15,26), R-Martinez (7), Santana 2 (3,4), Wright 3 (47,48,49), Reed (7)
BB: Castillo 3 (9,10,11), Sheffield 2 (21,22), R-Martinez (7), Pagan (6)


CS: Castillo (2)
E: Murphy (4)
DP: 1 (Putz-Martinez-Murphy)

Additional Info

Happy birthday to Todd Hundley. Mets catcher/outfielder 1990-1998.

Omir Santos was out with a bruised shin after he fouled away a pitch that hit on Tuesday.

Johan Santana now has four 10+ strikeout games this season, 47 times in his career.

Another game where the umps needed a instant replay, Murphy’s homerun. IT’S GOOD! 4/4 on replays.

Fernando Martinez hit a pop up in front of the plate in the 6th inning, and could have reached first if he ran it out as the catcher dropped the ball.

First time in David Wright‘s career he struck out 4 times in a game and earned a Golden Sombrero.

Daniel Murphy had a career high 5 RBIs in the game.

Wilson Valdez had his first Mets at bat and grounded out.

Carlos Beltran will likely be back in the lineup for Friday night.

Game Ball

Daniel Murphy (HR – 5 RBIs)

Game ends: 10:31 P.M.

Up Next

Mets have the day off tomorrow and get some rest before taking on the Marlins Friday. Mike Pelfrey (4-1, 4.31) will go up against the Marlins Sean West (0-0, 3.60).

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