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An article by posted on April 15, 2009

Good morning Mets fans. Today we see Oliver Perez take the mound for the second time this season and I can only hope we see improvement like we did with Johan’s second start. His ability to maintain control was his downfall in the last start and I hope Jerry & Dan were able to correct that problem if at least to some degree in the few days between starts.

As I have followed the season so far I find myself saying, “There is something missing in Mets camp.” Now I know it is not Shea even though it will be missed. I get the impression that the Mets are not playing with a sense of urgency. I think everyone of the fans wanted to see this years Mets come busting out of the gates and really leave all other competition behind. I mean what fan wouldn’t want that with their team? Maybe the  media hype of the Mets being picked as the team to rise up out of the East has caused me to expect them to sit on top of their division from early in the season. In any case I hope they really turn things up this season and soon.

I want to see a strong team take the field and really stick it to those Padres for ruining our home opener. I would love to see all the former self righteous Mets players now on the opposing team really take a beating. I heard that Heath Bell said he wanted to get the first save in Citi field. When I heard that statement, they followed it up with some story about how he felt underappreciated and that the Mets never gave him a chance while he was there. He may be right after all Willie rarely handled the pitchers well and we all know that. But I still say, “Get over it! It’s been three years!” Did he want to be a Met that bad?

Hopefully the Mets can get the bats smoking and Olie can go at least 5 innings with maybe just 1 run. Hopefully Gary Sheffield will have a good game as well and can hit 500 as a New Yor Met. I definitely want to see some more excitement in this club. Don’t think your the team to beat this year and don’t even say it, just SHOW IT!

Lets Go Mets!

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