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Omar Minaya reiterated his stance on players going to the WBC, even in the face of comments made by pitching coach Dan Warthen who believes the WBC ruined Oliver Perez’s preparedness for the season. Read about it here.

Neil Best has a great article that exposes SNY for being slow to offer captioning for the hard of hearing. Unlike YES and MLB Network which debuted with captioning, SNY has refused to cough up the $100K needed to provide this courtesy to their hearing disabled fans. Bad job SNY! I hope you hear from their attorneys soon.

Oliver Perez challenged reporters to run with him after refuting charges that he is out of shape by his pitching coach. He also used a banana to make his point instead of a bacon cheeseburger. Speaking of Perez, WFAN said a teammate who wished to remain anonymous said that Perez doesn’t take anything serious. Hmm… Obviously, it couldn’t be LoDuca… and Wagner hasn’t been around either…

I’ve read much on the Oliver Perez saga and written at length about it, but Mike Steffanos of Mike’s Mets really says it best when he wrote, “Perez should have taken it upon himself to ensure that he was in contact with his coaches and following the plan. I do not absolve him of the responsibility that the contract he signed puts upon him. But what was allowed to happen here is ultimately the responsibility of those who run things, and Ollie’s immaturity doesn’t take them off the hook. Shame on Omar Minaya and Fred Wilpon for impotently allowing this to happen. It’s time to grow a pair, gentlemen, and represent those of us who fund your little enterprise.”  Genius…

Andrew Vazzano (aka: boy genius) asks: If the Mets had to retire one number this year, which one and why? That’s a great question, and two Mets immediately come to mind; Keith Hernandez and Mike Hampton. Mex is obvious, but where would we be if Hampton hadn’t spurned us for the riches of Colorado? Now go to The ‘Ropolitans and cast your vote! 

Have you seen this video inspiration by the Wright Stache? Well, what the heck are you waiting for? It’s pretty cool and unlike the average ticket to see a game at CitiField, it wont cost you $130. And if you’re really into a good stache, check out the one on Lego Keith, courtesy of Regis from Mets Heads.

Are you ready for a real royal flush? Only the Mets can create an event so spectacular that it will one day be referred to as The Flushing in Flushing. Have plenty of Charmin on hand before you read… sorry, I’m a two-ply guy…

We’ve all read about the high concept foods the Mets will be dishing out at CitiField this season. You can choose between a $25 Ultimate Pastrami (of course it’s kosher!) Sandwich topped with a smear of stone ground mustard (that was ground on the original Rosetta Stone), or treat yourself to the Orange and Blue Iced Martini complete with not one, but two olives, each representing our two World Series titles. Or if you’re like me, you’ll be glad to know that Nathan’s Hot Dogs will be back too. I mean if you’re gonna pay five bucks for a frank, it might as well be a Nathan’s…

That’s all for now, until tomorrow… LGM

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