Santana Cruises In Bullpen Session, But I Still Have Issues

An article by posted on March 4, 2009

And your Opening Day starter is… Well, it’s still a mystery…

Yesterday, several sources reported that Johan Santana would not be ready in time to make the start on Opening Day.

Today, everyone is reporting that Johan Santana will make the start on Opening Day including Johan himself.

“As of right now, my mindset is for Opening Day. That’s about it. I appreciate everything they’re doing, and Dan is doing, trying to protect me and trying to keep me healthy, but I’m a professional. I know exactly what it takes for me to be ready. I’ve been doing this for years now, and I know exactly what I have to do. I’m pretty sure I’ll be ready for Opening Day.”

Early this morning, Johan Santana had another bullpen session and threw 45 totally pain-free pitches. By all accounts, he put on a dazzling show with pinpoint control, great velocity on his fastball, a nice break on his curves and of course a picture perfect changeup.

Aside from all of that soft and fuzzy stuff, can I redirect your attention to one small matter?

Less than 24 hours ago, Mets Nation (sorry Red Sox fans) was up in arms over the very real possibility that something may be wrong with our ace pitcher.

With that in mind, can we PLEASE focus on doing whatever it takes to make sure we get 32 starts out of Johan Santana this year even if it means missing his Opening Day start?

I don’t think ANY Mets fans would have a problem seeing Big Pelf take the mound against the Cincinnati Reds on Opening Day, especially if it means not rushing Johan to the mound before he is 100% ready, willing and able.

I urge the Mets to take every precaution necessary, and while we’re at it can we please get that MRI done anyway?

If money is the issue and you’re still stinging from the Madoff Ponzi scheme, just say the word and us Mets fans will get together and chip in the $1,200 dollars needed for the MRI. Just get it done!

Look… I’m not looking to be an alarmist or overstate the obvious, but given the Mets’ incredible propensity for fouling things up on the medical front, I’d feel a lot better if we handled this Johan situation with kid gloves.

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