A-Rod Wishes Reyes Was Leading Off For The Yankees

An article by posted on March 4, 2009

Open mouth… Insert foot…

A-Rod has done it again… No he isn’t admitting to taking more anabolic steroids, I’m talking about opening the large orifice on his face that he sometimes opens and closes to prove his stupidity on a daily basis.

After watching his teammate on the Dominican team Jose Reyes wreak havoc on the basepaths yesterday, A-Rod said this:

“I wish he was leading off on our team,” A-Rod said with a chuckle. “That’s fun to watch. Anytime you have that type of speed. I mean, we have a guy in (Brett) Gardner, and that’ll be fun. That’s probably the most fun you can have, is watching a guy like that run.”


Almost immediately after making that comment, A-Rod went into full scale damage control.

He told the press his compliment was not a knock on Derek Jeter.

He then called the Yankees and told them that he was simply paying a compliment to his temporary teammate.

He then called all the major New York newspapers to find out if they were going to have him gracing the back covers again.

He then called Steiner Sports and ordered 100 Derek Jeter signed baseballs at $350 each and gave them out to the media during his press conference.

He then called Scott Boras to find out if there was an out clause for stupidity in his contract. 

He then called the Department of Homeland Security to report that Jose Reyes had an expired visa, and that he should be deported.

He then refused to stand for the Dominican national anthem because he said his heart was still with Team USA.

He then called Madonna to see if she could write a song about his love for Derek Jeter.

So what exactly did Jose Reyes do that caused A-Rod all this grief?

Newsday said it the best…

Reyes, the Mets’ shortstop, had flashed his speed on the bases in a 10-1 win over the Marlins, stealing a run by essentially turning a bloop single into a triple, hustling to second on the throw from the outfield trying to nail a runner at third, and later stealing third and eventually scoring on a ground ball.

Just Reyes being Reyes…

It’s such a great feeling to know that Jose Reyes not only rattles pitchers whenever he is on the basepaths, but the Yankees as well. 

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