Does Jon Heyman Get His Scoops From Scott Boras?

An article by posted on February 6, 2009

I came across an interesting article by Rich Lederer of Baseball Analysts. The article focuses on Jon Heyman mostly, and questions how he may have gotten the early jump on recent trades and signings involving Scott Boras clients.

Jon Heyman has done it again. He broke another story on Friday when reporting that Jason Varitek had “reached a two-year agreement with the Red Sox.”

In typical Heyman fashion, he wanted to make sure that everyone knew that “ was the first to report that Varitek had an agreement with Boston.” To that, I say “big deal.” OK, maybe I didn’t use the word “deal.” I mean, this doesn’t go down as some sort of exclusive or investigative reporting.

If you’re wondering how Heyman got wind of the news before any of the Boston beat writers or columnists, be aware that he had Mark Teixeira going to the Yankees before anyone else and, according to his biography, also “broke the story of Barry Bonds going to the Giants in 1992…Alex Rodriguez going to the Yankees in 2004, A-Rod opting out of his $252-million contract in 2007 and Manny Ramirez going to the Dodgers in 2008.”

Varitek. Teixeira. Manny. A-Rod 2x. Bonds, vintage 1992. Do you notice anything in common? Yes, all of these players are or were represented by Boras at the time of their signings. It is plainly obvious that Heyman, known among fellow writers as, is getting fed such stories by Scott himself, which is fine and dandy except there is more going on here than meets the eye.

Rich makes some other observations on a few lesser Boras clients, and wonders if Heyman is somehow connected to Boras in an unseen way.

I like Heyman, and I think I’ll need to see some more damning evidence before I call him a Boras operative.

That said, it’s still an eye-opening piece and points out what I can only call some strange coincidences for now.

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