All Time Mets Fantasy Team – First Base

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Ever wanted to figure out what the all time best fantasy team would be comprised solely of New York Mets players based on actual single season stats?

The only eligibility to qualify was that the player had to play the position the majority of the time for the Mets in that season.

Here are twelve of the best seasons for a Mets first baseman ever. 

1970D. Clendenon396651142297.288.348.5154
1980L. Mazzilli578821621676.280.370.43141
1984K. Hernandez550831711594.311.409.4492
1987K. Hernandez587871701889.290.377.4360
1990D. Magadan46174148672.328.417.4572
1993E. Murray6107717427100.285.325.4672
1995R. Brogna495721432276.289.342.4850
1997J. Olerud5249015422102.294.400.4890
1998J. Olerud557911972293.354.447.5512
1999J. Olerud5811071731996.298.427.4633
2006C. Delgado5248913938114.265.361.5480
2008C. Delgado5989616238115.271.353.5181

I added Clendenon to the list so we could have at least one player represent the first decade in the franchise’s history. In truth though, the Mets have had some of the worst seasons I have ever seen from a first baseman. It was either feast or famine, and the above is surely the feast.

I added Lee Mazzilli only because that was a lofty number of stolen bases for a guy who played first base. His other numbers were not altogether different from Keith Hernandez in 1987.

Statistically, John Olerud may have had the best season in Mets history when he batted .354 in 1998. Although the Mets never won a World Series with Olerud, he may just be the best first baseman the Mets have ever had. It’s a shame they didn’t resign him in 2000 and opted for Todd Zeile instead. Maybe the Mets would have beaten the Yankees that year if they had Olerud batting third.

It’s interesting to note that Carlos Delgado holds his own in Mets history at the position. Everyone immediately thinks Keith Hernandez when the conversation comes up, and of course rightfully so. But statistically, his best season may not even be in the top five of the all time best seasons at first base.

Next up, second base.

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