Different Season, Different Mets

An article by posted on September 10, 2008

Ok Mets fans, here we are in the middle of a pennant race, and I don’t know about you, but I am absolutely loving it!  I know that sounds like a plug for Mickey D’s, but this really is great!  In a way, part of me awaits the day when the Mets clinch (at home, of course) and the celebration begins.  But there is that other part of me that loves the anticipation and the scoreboard watching.  The “when and how” factors: ”When” are the going to clinch?  “How” are they going to do it?  

We discussed last year how clinching early would enable the regulars to get some rest before the playoffs, but how that might also break their momentum.  Unfortunately, we never got the chance to worry wbout that. This year, I don’t think that’s a concern either, but for different reasons.  This year is different.  This team is not lacking the fire they need to win.  Last year they started off well and fell short at the end.  This year, they started off pretty much where they left off last year, but have surged over the last two months into the Championship team we all know they are. 

It’s going to come right down to the last series, even the last game again, but not because the Mets are bad or the Phillies are lucky.  It’s because this Mets team realized what it had to do to be a contender and did it before it was too late. 

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