Screw The Curtain Calls, Gimme More Two Homer Games

An article by posted on April 28, 2008

What in the world is all this fuss about curtain calls?? Like I said last night, who cares? As far as I’m concerned the only issue is that Carlos Delgado hit two homeruns and even won a Metsy for crying out loud…

Do we have to make everything so negative all the time… even when we should be happy… why are some reporters always trying to rain on our parade?

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What a heck of a job by Billy Wagner to start the season. I haven’t seen him dominate hitters like this since his Houston Astros days. Although his hitless inning streak came to an end at nine innings, he deserves all of our praise for such an amazin’ accomplishment. I’m glad to see him backing up all his tough talk in the off season with the type of performance that can only be described as… phenomina… stupendous… magnaminous… scintillating… other-worldly… do hyphenated words count as one… 

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If you enjoy betting on baseball, and believe that the team with the best bullpen wins it all, then place your bets on the New York Mets. I don’t care about Heilman’s and Sosa’s early season flubs. The Mets are all set to anoint Duaner Sanchez as our new setup man, and I’ll put our 8th inning and 9th inning end game options against anyone in the game right now, and that includes Joba and Rivera.

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You can’t have it both ways… I’m sick and tired of so called Mets fans going off on Willie when he leaves a starter in too long and then gets shelled, or pulling him out when he’s in trouble only to have the bullpen blow the lead. There’s plenty of other stuff you can nail Willie on, but please… cut him some slack on this one.

I’d rather be more pissed off at Oliver Perez and John Maine for having 100+ pitch counts in the sixth inning instead. Willie is only doing what any manager would do as far as the way these starting pitchers have been handled so far this season. How about Maine and Perez stop going to full counts on every single batter, and start throwing more first pitch strikes. The baseball odds are that the more first pitch strikes you throw, the better the results. Pitching from behind in the count is not a strategy for success. I bet even our resident baseball guru Christian would have to agree with that.

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Who’s ready for some swashbuckling action against those notorious bungling Pirates? After teeing off on Schmoltzie and T-Hud, I’m ready for some bloody carnage against those original men in black. The man behind our Series Previews, Brian, says that a sweep is in order. Arghhh matey, I’ll drink to that!

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