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An article by posted on November 7, 2007

Not even a month after the World Series and the off season feels like it has been going on forever. It seems A- Rod has been opting out of his Yankees/Rangers deal since last April. Rumors are swirling left and right, who is going where, how and why. Personally, I love the business side of the game, not the number crunching mind you, but the excitement of free agent signings and blockbuster trades.

Sadly, in this years free agent market (after A-Rod) the pickings are slimmer than an all you can eat buffet after Cecil Fielder got to it.  For instance, Jorge Posada…I like the guy but if the Mets are really offering him 5 years and $70 Million that reeks of desperation. I still really would like Paul LoDuca back I suppose. He is entertaining to say the least, and much cheaper. Tom Glavine reportedly has his feet out of the door already too. Looks like there won’t be any contest between the Mets and Braves this winter for his services.  In all honesty, I will miss the guy, minus the last two starts he made he did pretty well here in New York. He deserves to end his career the way he wants to, I wish him the best.

As far as A- Rod goes I am still a little nervous about him possibly coming to Shea. Apparently, things are heating up about that chance becoming a reality. If he does come, I for one will need to swallow my pride, due to all of the anti A-Rod graphics I had made during the course of the season. I suppose that 50 homers and 150 ribbies will help ease some of the pain from putting my foot in my mouth if he comes to Queens though. I’m also salivating quite a bit about the fastballs that Beltran would see in the 3 spot prior to A- Rod.

So now I guess we wait, hope and pray until mid February…

Here’s to our hope for something BIG! CHEERS!

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