Hey Mr. Rollins, Are the Phillies STILL the Team to Beat?

An article by posted on October 8, 2007

Good Evening, Mets fans, and Happy 2nd Monday of the off-season… 

I’ll make it short and sweet today…

The Phillies were NOT the team to beat in 2007, in fact, the Mets were.  And the only reason Philadelphia was able to rise to the top of the NL East is not on their own success, but rather, on the failure of the New York Mets to hold their own. 

As most Mets fans would agree (and be happy to do so), the fact that the Colorado Rockies swept the Phillies is sweet revenge, albeit, just a little bit.  The real redemption procees begins the third week in February, 2008.  I’m counting the days…are you?


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